What’s New

What's New


New features to empower your data collection

Build reports from Excel

Excel report templates: Use your excel spread sheets to generate your report. Charts included.

FREE for up to 30 users

Timelines contain modules and tasks such as evaluation forms, surveys, questionnaires, or any content you choose - videos, slides, PDFs, etc. You connect them so your participants can progress through a custom path, based on tools such as rules, roles, time,  date, completion, logic, branching, randomisation or based on the responses they provide.

Build personalised participation


Get to know the key features of a timeline


Track engagement activity

Dashboards give you a real time snapshot of activity and engagement across your timelines. Design separate dashboards for Administrators and Staff. Download your dashboard for presentations. Monitor participant progress as they work through modules. Dashboards make it easy to compare engagement by module, user or role.



Free library of evaluations and forms

Placements: Lets trainees give feed back and supervisors rate the trainees and automatically generate their progress report

Templates make it simple to quickly build your timeline from existing surveys, scales or forms from our template library. We are adding more psychiatric evaluations, common surveys and forms for health, mental health, disability and the NDIS. You can request a form to be added to the template library or build your own from scratch.

e.g K-10, Psychache, DASS-21, INQ-15, BHF-SF, Yes Questionnaire, LSP-16, HoNOS,  CANSAS, WhoDAS, BAM-SR, ISAS, SWLS, CUDOS, and many more ...

FREE for up to 30 users


Give data back to participants

Resources can take many forms - PDFs, additional questions, links, videos, but Timelines™ adds the ability to automatically dispatch resources based on responses, tags, time or rules you set. You can display instant reports in session, or feedback charts and graphs to participants, to build trust and engagement.

User Management

Many ways to add participants

Users are the lifeblood of your study. Create a custom registration webpage, insert a consent and eligibility check, or use the built-in invitation tool to invite users via email. Use your Admin Suite to approve pending users, add your own users, assign groups and roles, or import lists of users. And with Timelines™ powerful branding tools, you can build your own acquisition mini website to attract and capture additional users.


Deliver on any device

Apps have become an essential part of the research and service delivery toolkit. Timelines™ has a unique combination of mobile options to suit all budgets. All timelines plans include a mobile responsive website and administration suite, but you can also choose to include your study or program in the Timelines™ App, or publish your timelines  as your own branded App.