Use Cases

Use Cases

Most popular use cases:

Health: Program and Service Delivery

Using Engageable for health evaluations and interventions improves the accuracy and rates of data collection, but also enables client feedback in session with the clinician and the real time alteration of treatment plans, with timely triggering of “step up” or “step down” processes.

Engageable is a digital platform enabling the collection of data on desktop and mobile devices, the analysis of results in real time and the transfer of anonymised data into data banks automatically.

Using Engageable promotes person-centred care and uses a stepped-care approach consistent with new National Mental Health Reforms. This innovative digital solution informs consumers and careers, as well as team members of the health organisation, of outcomes in real time, and was nominated for a AGPAL & QIP Excellence Award in 2018.

Consumers complete clinically relevant measures on their device of choice, at the point of entry to the service. Their responses are transferred instantly into a database. Authorised staff can then analyse their clients’ outcomes in real time alongside the consumer and their carers to review whether they are responding to treatment as expected.

Engageable delivers a step-care model of service delivery as it is possible for consumers to provide data directly from their mobile device in between sessions or while they are using first-line, (e.g. online) treatments. This information is also transferred directly into the databank, and uses thresholds to prompt email or App notification alerts when necessary (e.g. when responses indicate increased risk). These alerts then trigger a ‘stepping up’ of their level of care as appropriate. Clinicians can then examine whether treatment is working and explore exactly why it is working.

Health: Community Engagement

For the peak body or organisation looking to establish a deeper connection to community stakeholders, Engageable offers a number of specific benefits for the health and education sector, including secure cloud hosting and the ability to share reports and feedback at all levels of your team and participants, in real time.

Engageable makes it easy to define roles, locations, interest groups and other criteria by which you can engage with participants. Using their mobile devices, participants can complete surveys and download other content including PDFs and videos, at a time convenient to them. For part-completed workflows, Engageable can send branded, customised messages and notifications directly to their mobile device to encourage completion, or request further feedback, based on rules you choose.

You can select from a range of highly legible question types designed to be easy to read on any device. You can brand the experience throughout, and choose whether to invite participants or allow public signups. You can build in consent and eligibility tests before or after signup, as you prefer. You can use branching, A/B tests and piped text to provide a really personalised experience for users.

The mobile Apps (iOS and Android) are a popular option for community engagement. The Apps are a permanent presence on a users device, and provide a means for you to send branded notifications directly to their device, to notify or remind.

Education: Academic Research

The ability to collect data automatically in SPSS compatible format, makes it easy for you to build up larger collections of (anonymised) data in your databank, for use in other Engageable workflows or other research.

For Academic Research, you can decide whether to use your website to invite or acquire participants, or whether to provide public information about your trial or study, the team members and the objectives of the research. You can build in intelligent consent and eligibility tests to automatically build groups by criteria you select, such as location, age, or other factors.

Engageable has powerful messaging options that make it easy to identify participants that part-complete their feedback, sending friendly branded reminders on a time frame you choose, directly to their email or on their mobile device with a branded notification. This makes it convenient for participants to complete sessions whilst they are remote or mobile and provides for more consistent data in greater volume.

The mobile Apps (iOS and Android) are a very popular option for Academic Research. Rather than send dry and dull Survey Monkey surveys to participants, Apps are a permanent presence on a users device, and provide a means for you to build an ongoing and mutually rewarding engagement.

Education: Professional Learning

Engageable also delivers compelling professional learning and development. It becomes much simpler to create cohorts of trainees and mentors across multiple locations, each with their own progress dashboard - whilst the program team monitor the overall progress through the Project Tracker.

You can link high quality accredited audio-visual material into modules for both learning and reflections. You can build lesson plans and offer free lesson planning resources. Teachers can learn when they like, with the purpose-built, interactive online platform.

Each participant can enjoy personal feedback and mentoring in a branded experience from website to App.

We continually add new interactive question types to make training modules more engaging and enjoyable. For delivery of school-based modules, you can involve staff from all levels, parents and the students, all while gathering a deep and meaningful dataset.