Build a workflow that engages participants

Designed for health and education programs, training and interventions

The Engageable Difference

Engageable is designed to deliver complex workflows, facilitation, participant management and handoffs, in a way that is simple and elegant to use. We understand that you need the flexibility of a custom solution at an off-the-shelf price. Engageable gives you options to use the full features of the product from Day 1, with the option to add you own touch with custom interactions and full branding control.

Deliver on the web, or on smartphones and tablets. Get access to our experienced developers at subsidised rates.

Engageable has been designed specifically for health and education professionals to build studies, trials, interventions, professional development, training or programs - that truly engage with your consumers, patients, colleagues, subjects or participants. 

Engage anywhere, anytime:
The waiting room, face to face or via mobile apps...

Engage your whole team:
Participants, mentors, staff, management...

Engage with content:
Surveys, videos, games, resources, real time reports....

Engage with unique features:
Custom reports and question types, project trackers, action plans, events, tags, fine grained participant management, and more...

​​​​FREE for up to 30 users

Features health and education professionals need:

Participant Control

Fine grained control of user acquisition and in-session participant selection

A/B split tests

Define user groups and display different content to assess the impact on responses

Piped Text

Hide, show, enable or disable questions based on rules that run live on the page

Total Branding

Brand your workflows from top to bottom for a unique feel and coherent experience

Reminders & Notifications

Notify and remind users via Email, SMS or In-App notifications on mobile devices

Real-time Reports

Design reports for specific roles, or display face to face, in real time, with participants

Scoring & Tagging

Create your own scoring and report profiles by adding custom tags to responses

Unique Question Types

Engaging game style question types to truly engage your audience

Data Export

Data ready to anonymise, send for statistical analysis, or to portals

Ideal for educators, peak bodies, health organisations or school districts looking to run programs, studies, community engagement or professional learning and development. Engageable is designed to help you create evidence based interventions and impact.

  • Instant consumer charts
  • Templates for most scales
  • Highly Customisable
  • NDIS Ready
  • Apple, Android and Web compatible

Perfect for:

  • Health & Disability
  • Mental Health
  • Education

Timelines™ is designed by a team with lived experience of health, mental health and disability issues, in close partnership with academics. Timelines™ delivers better insights and outcomes for patients, consumers, participants, their support organisations and researchers. Transform your programs and studies today.